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LED Adaptive Headlights

This is the year of the LED.

This is the year of LED Adaptive Headlights

KnightLight is a patented technology which combines the benefits of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Adaptive Forward-Lighting Systems (AFS).

KnightLight has been created by the lighting designer Richard Knight. Richard is a well known designer of Automated Entertainment Lighting where techniques for accurately and consistently manipulating and directing light beams have existed for 25 years. Recently Richard has developed an interest in combining those ‘State of the Art’ beam direction techniques with LED light sources.

LED technology is revolutionising the world of lighting. In addition to their ever increasing efficiency reducing energy consumption, they also offer significant benefits with their robustness and life span; typically over eleven years of night time use.

Haitz's Law is the LED corollary of Moore’s law of semiconductors. Named after Roland Haitz (now retired from Agilent technologies), the law forecasts that “Every 10 years the amount of light generated by an LED increases by a factor of 20, while the cost per lumen (unit of useful light emitted) falls by a factor of 10”. So far not only has this forecast been fulfilled it has been exceeded.

As a consequence of Haitz's Law there is no doubt that LEDs will be the Automotive light source, including headlights, of the future; reaching all market segments within a decade. Manufacturers need to adapt to that change now. Early adopters such as the Audi R8 and the Lexus LS600h are already available on the roads with LED Headlamps.  Many other designers of concept vehicles are proposing LED Forward Lighting including the new Cadillac Escalade Platinum which is set to continue the LED Forward lighting trend in the USA in summer 2008.

AFS Headlights dynamically respond and adapt according to driving conditions.  For example, there is a clear benefit to road safety when the headlight beams are steered whilst cornering, so that the light aligns with both the eye line and the direction of travel.  Several manufacturers have reprised this steering technique, first used many hears ago on the Tucker and later the Citroen Desiree.

KnightLight provides the manufacturer with a unique and flexible method of both steering the LED light beams and providing self levelling with a single set of LEDs. A key problem for automotive lighting developers is how best to move forward with LEDs and AFS for any headlight design, particularly Linear arrays. The KnightLight concept provides the solution to this problem for any Headlight configuration – past, present or future.

Steering of LEDs for Lo beam is allowed under both the ECE (Europe) and SAE (USA) legislation so the KnightLight technique shown in the Initial Design section can be introduced for any vehicle’s forward lighting design with any configuration of LEDs.

Although at the present time steering the Hi beam or adapting a Lo beam to become Hi beam are not allowed both these issues are part of an ongoing review by both ECE and SAE legislators. Once such techniques are approved the KnightLight will be ready. (See Movie and Design).  Further patented extensions and improvements to the technique are also under way.

We hope you find this website interesting and agree with us that LED AFS is the way forward for the future of Automotive lighting.  The KnightLight technique means the future is closer than you think.